Bicycle for Life

Carolina Flèche - 2014 Team Pre-Registration is Closed

RUSA - High Point, NC USA - Region

Please use the below form to pre-register Teams to participate in Bicycle for Life Flèche which is scheduled by the RUSA High Point NC USA Region.

If you have any trouble completing the form, please let us know what the specific issue is with the form. The information requested from you on this form is intended to be used to fill out your official control card and should only be used as needed by official BFL staff pertaining to the Flèche that you participate in with BFL. The info on this form is sent via an email system!

If you do not want to send this info via email, please print this page and mail it to Bicycle for Life • 1935 Barringer Rd • Salisbury NC 28147. If you mail it in, please use our standard contact form to let us know you are planning to ride.

If you do not pre-register, you will not be able to start or participate in the Flèche. Event registration will close in March.

Thank you for pre-registering for the Flèche

Bicycle for LIfe
2014 Carolina Fleche -
Team Name Pre-Registration Form

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Note that you are limited to 5 team members and that multiperson bicycles count as 1 member for a Fleche. Each individual must register using the online individual registration form as well as mail-in (via postal type mail) a completed and signed waiver/release form. Any riders whose forms are not received prior to start will not get credit for the Fleche!

Fleche Team Name
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Starting Date : Starting Time:
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22 hour Minimum
25 km or 15.53 miles
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360 km
223.7 miles
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10 digets only
In route
Emergency Contact:
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Team Registration Donation Pledge:

Cash or Good check accepted for event registration

Please bring donations with you to event finish or mail it in with your signed waivers!

Credit Cards are only accepted online through PayPal via our Donate Page
Please add a note along with your donation indicating what it is for!

Captain should carry with them emergency contact info for each rider on the ride. IP Address:
Used for reporting