Bicycle for Life

Brevet - 200k or 300k
Harrisburg to Ellerbe or Laurinburg and back

Mar 3rd, 2012 Brevets 200k or 300k Harrisburg, NC

Distance is approximately 306 Kilometers (190 miles with about 9000 ft of total climbing)
Distance is approximately 203 Kilometers (126 miles with about 6800 ft of total climbing)
Pre-Registration is strongly recommended for all events! If you do not pre-register your start may delayed or you may not be able to get credit for the brevet.
On Site Registration/inspection opens at 5:30am
Stallings Rd Harrisburg, NC
Brevet starts at 6:30 AM
Note: if weather is iffy, the start time may be adjusted.
If you have not completed the brevet by Sunset you must have RUSA approved lights and reflective gear on and operational from Sunset to Sunrise or you will receive a DNF for the brevet.
Suggested donation
200k = $20 per rider
300k = $30 per rider
400k = $40 per rider
600k = $60 per rider
1000k = $100 per rider

Brevets are generally not races for which there is no prize money, so please be polite to all volunteers, fellow riders and convenience store attendants. Helping a fellow rider to finish is allowed and should make you feel better.

Please ensure that you dress appropriately for the weather conditions and have sufficient supplies and extra funds if needed for anything that may arise while en route on brevets!


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Approximate climbing

300k Que sheets


200k Que sheets

Start location Harrisburg, NC
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Basic directions to start

If you are coming in from Concord or Salisbury on I-85
Driving directions North I-85 to Stallings Rd
6.7 mi – about 19 mins

Exit 49

1. Head southwest on Exit 49 toward Concord Mills Blv 0.4 mi
2. Turn left at Concord Mills Blvd/Speedway Blvd 2.0 mi
3. Turn right at Concord Pkwy S/US-29 0.2 mi
4. Turn left at Morehead Rd/NC-1300 2.7 mi
5. Turn left at NC-49 0.3 mi
6. Turn right at NC-1166/NC-1168/Robinson Church Rd 0.5 mi
7. Turn left at NC-1161/Stallings Rd 0.5 mi

If you are coming in from Ashboro or Mt Pleasant on NC-49
Driving directions North NC-49 or Roberta Rd to Stallings Rd
1.0 mi – about 3 mins

NC-1304/Roberta Rd

1. NC-1304/Roberta Rd or North NC-49
2. Continue on School Circle 0.2 mi
3. Turn left at Hickory Ridge Rd/NC-1138 0.3 mi
4. Turn left at NC-1161/Stallings Rd 0.4 mi

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