Bicycle for Life

Brevet-200k, 400k, 600k or 1000k

Oct 6th, 2012 Brevets - 7am start
200k - 400k - 600k - 1000k Lumberton, NC

Distance for 200k is approximately 202 Kilometers (125 miles with about 531 ft of total climbing)
Distance for 400k is approximately 403 Kilometers (252 miles with about 515 ft of total climbing)
Distance for 600k is approximately 608 Kilometers (380 miles with about 780 ft of total climbing)
Distance for 1000k is approximately 1000 Kilometers (630 miles with about 1200 ft of total climbing)
Pre-Registration is strongly recommended for all events! If you do not pre-register your start may delayed or you may not be able to get credit for the brevet.

The route is such that most fit randonneurs should be able to finish on time with time to spare.

Drop Bags

For those that are doing the 600k or 1000k a small individual drop bag may be used and can be taken to the Sunset Beach control for you. The drop bags will be taken to the official overnight hotel for you and picked up to bring back to the finish sometime Sunday.

Please do not put anything in your drop bag that you cannot do without for a few days just in case we miss you or don't get them to you at the finish for some reason. If you do not wait at the finish for your drop bags, they can be shipped to you at your expense, BFL will not pay for shipping of items to you.

We will not be responsible for your drop bags or items in your drop bags.

There is no official SAG on any of these Brevets.


Near the start

Super 8 at exit 22 in Lumberton has agreed to give us the corporate rate for our group
which is $ 50.79 per night, includes tax for this weekend.
Please call (910) 671-4444 and mention Bicycle for Life bike ride during registration.
The rate they are giving us is better than standard rates.

Super 8
150 jackson court
Lumberton, NC 28358
(910) 671-4444
mention Bicycle for Life bike ride at registration

There will be a common room in Lumberton and Sunset Beach, for those of you riding the 400, 600 & 1000k to take a short break if needed during your brevet
If you think you need an extended sleep period, please reserve your own room!

1000k & 600k - Sunset Beach Continental Motel at ~270 miles
Continental Motel & Apartments
has agreed to give us a reduced rate starting at $71.00 (includes tax) per night for this weekend.
431 Sunset Boulevard South
Sunset Beach, NC 28468-4167
(910) 579-6772

400k Riders may stop at Sunset Beach at ~144 miles also if you like.

Brevets starts at Oct 6, 2012 07:00 AM
Just off I-95 exit 22 from parkng lot behind Super 8 click for Google map of approximate start location.
If you have not completed the brevet by Sunset you must have RUSA approved lights and reflective gear on and operational from Sunset to Sunrise or you will receive a DNF for the brevet.
Suggested donation
200k = $20 per rider
400k = $40 per rider
600k = $60 per rider
1000k = $100 per rider

Brevets are generally not races and there is no prize money, so please be polite to all volunteers, fellow riders and convenience store attendants. Helping a fellow rider to finish is allowed and should make you feel better.

Please ensure that you dress appropriately for the weather conditions and have sufficient supplies and extra funds if needed for anything that may arise while en route on brevets!

This is an ACP Brevet.
The total time allowed from start to finish is
13.5 hours for the 200k and
20 hours for the 300k and
27 hours for the 400k and
40 hours for the 600k and
75 hours for the 1000k.

Riders must follow and complete the approved route. This route goes through several small towns in central North Carolina traveling along mostly low traffic roads. There may be some sections where traffic is high, so please ride carefully and safely at all times. The intermediate controls are where stores allow you to refuel with some basic supplies. There are also some other stores along the route where you may be able to stop and get limited nutritional supplies.

These are basic route maps. Please note that all online images, que sheets and maps are for general reference. Offical routes will be provided at the event start for registered participants. Anoter map version is available by clicking on either map.

200k route

200k GPS

400k route

400k GPS

600k & first part of 1000k routes

600k GPS

Click on maps above to View Larger Map

1000k route

Full 1000k GPS

First 600k GPS

Last 400k GPS Lumberton-SurfCity loop

200k Que sheets - 2012

400k Que sheets - 2012

600k Que sheets - 2012

1000k Que sheets - 2012

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